113 Urban view, Ingcuce Rd, Durban, City Center

About Us

Centre for Languages and Culture Promotion (CLCP) is a PTY registered company created in 2004.

CLCP provides high quality language services to multiple individuals and industries in more than 25 languages.CLCP also provides research support and editing services. Research support include academic and general research. As one of the fastest and growing language centers in South Africa and beyond, CLCP can deliver high quality teaching and translation in various languages. CLP is striving to become the first South African and African language Centre that can deliver quality language lessons and translation.

CLCP can deliver on time, every time regardless of your location or time. CLCP provides lessons in 7 Languages from beginner to advanced level. Translation and interpretation services are available from 25 languages.

Contact Numbers

Cell: +2767 225 1270


info@clcp.co.za | schoollanguage40@gmail.com




113 Urban view (old Teacher’s Center Building). Office No: 210 . Second floor

Ingcuce Rd (old Albert Street)

Durban, City Center


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