113 Urban view, Ingcuce Rd, Durban, City Center


Language Lessons

Corporate Language Courses

Corporate Language Learning may be a job requirement or development opportunity for individuals or group of your talent. CLCP provides individual and group Language lessons in the following languages: Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, Portuguese, Zulu, English, Spanish and Kiswahili. Furthermore we customise our Courses to the specific industry you are operating as this contextualisation facilitates a better learning.

Lessons will be held at the venue arranged by the client.

Editing Services

Our editing service allows you to benefit from Nature-standard editing and advice. The insight of these specialized professionals gets them to the crux of your paper, so they can edit to great depth and help you convey your ideas clearly. Our research & editing team is done by Professional and experienced editors. We edit anything from, Theses, Journal articles, Magazines etc.

Contact Numbers

Cell: +2767 225 1270


info@clcp.co.za | schoollanguage40@gmail.com




113 Urban view (old Teacher’s Center Building). Office No: 210 . Second floor

Ingcuce Rd (old Albert Street)

Durban, City Center


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